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A Guide To Paintless Dent Repair

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Paintless dent repair is something that you might have heard about. If you haven't, don't be too surprised by it, it isn't magic. Professional body repair techs use a variety of techniques to do paintless repairs. There are also some simple tools that you can buy over the counter to do more basic, smaller repairs. This article is a comprehensive guide to paintless dent repair. It should help you determine if your dents can be fixed using these techniques.

Paintless vs. Patch and Paint Repairs

If your dent can't be fixed using paintless techniques, you should definitely go for it, even though it can be more expensive than traditional patch and paint jobs. Paintless dent repair restores your car body to its original state, without relying on auto body filler or anything else that would change your car body. Often, using auto body filler is a quicker and a cheaper way to fix small dents. However, the results are often noticeable and they will ultimately reduce the value of your car.

When paintless dent repair is done right, there is no sign of the original damage. Importantly, there is also no sign of the patch job. When a car body is patched, even when done professionally, there will be signs that work was done. Matching the exact sheen and paint color can be very difficult. This becomes especially complicated if the car body has faded over time. Matching the paint and sheen is a technique that even the best auto body shops might not be able to perfect. When you look really closely at a patch and paint job, you can see signs of the work done. This can ultimately reduce the value of your car when it comes time to sell it.

How Paintless Dent Repairs Work

Paintless dent repair is much more than just popping the dent out of the car body. They actually use modern laser technology. These advanced systems are mounted to the good parts of the car body and scan the damage to create a map that shows precisely where the dents need to be fixed. That is, these tools show the technicians exactly where the dented areas are so they can create a perfect replication of the original contours. This guide results in more accurate repairs because it takes away the guesswork.

As you can see paintless dent repair is complicated, and that is why it cost more. But this is certainly worth it if you want to maintain your car value. For more information, contact companies like High Point Body & Paint.