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Marketing? Celebrating? Raising Awareness? How Custom Vehicle Wraps Can Help

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Whether you are marketing a new business or service, raising awareness for a special cause or idea, or need a unique way to celebrate a special person or event, you must find a way to get the word out to as many people as possible. Unfortunately, the amount available to spend on your marketing efforts may be much smaller than the audience you need to reach.  If you have found yourself in need of a unique idea for low-cost marketing with mass-market appeal, custom commercial vehicle wraps may be the answer for which you have been searching. Read More»

What To Do After Your Car Has Been Involved In A Collision

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If you are involved in an accident or collision with your vehicle, the damage to the car or truck will need to be assessed and repaired. Finding an autobody collision repair service that can take care of your vehicle and restore it to like-new conditioning is essential. Towing Your Car If your car is being towed after a collision, the destination of the tow is something you need to consider. If you already have a body shop in mind for the repair work on the car, ask the tow truck operator to take the car to that shop and drop it off. Read More»

Why Get Only Certified Repairs Done On Your Vehicle?

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When you have a car in need of repairs, your main priority is likely to get the car fixed both affordably and quickly. It’s tempting to go to the first mechanic who is available, but you should always seek certified repairs. Why? This guide will help you understand why it’s best to have only certified repairs done on your vehicle, even if you find a mechanic that has a great reputation for quality repairs. Read More»

Was Your Final Bill More Than Estimated? Two Reasons Why Auto Body Repair May Cost More Than The Original Estimate

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If you have been involved in an automobile accident, you may not want to file a claim with your insurance company. Some people want to pay out of pocket in an attempt to keep the accident off of their driving record and to prevent their auto insurance rates from increasing. If this is the route you are taking, you may be getting estimates from auto body repair shops for your automobile damage. Read More»