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What To Do After Your Car Has Been Involved In A Collision

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If you are involved in an accident or collision with your vehicle, the damage to the car or truck will need to be assessed and repaired. Finding an autobody collision repair service that can take care of your vehicle and restore it to like-new conditioning is essential.

Towing Your Car

If your car is being towed after a collision, the destination of the tow is something you need to consider. If you already have a body shop in mind for the repair work on the car, ask the tow truck operator to take the car to that shop and drop it off.

If you do not know where you want the car repaired at, the driver may tow the vehicle back to their shop or storage lot, and while that is fine for a day or two, the cost of storing the car until you determine whee it needs to go can add up quickly. And when you decide where you want the car to go, the tow company will charge you to take the vehicle from the storage lot to the auto collision repair service that you intend to use for the repair.

If you have insurance that is paying for the towing, it might not be a huge concern, but it is essential that you clarify that so you know if you need to pay for towing out of your own pocket. 

Collision Repair

Once the car or truck is at the auto body collision repair shop, a technician will inspect it and then go over the damage with you. An excellent auto body collision service will go over the car in great detail to find all the damage that has occurred and get it on the report so it can be fixed. 

The insurance company will need to approve the repairs before the work can begin, and if the shop is busy, it could take a couple of weeks for the auto body collision repair service to finish the car. If you have coverage for a rental car, ask the shop tech or manager how long they estimate the job to take so you can book the rental for that amount of time. 

When the work is complete on your car or truck, the auto body collision repair service will call and let you know. You can then go and inspect the work and make sure that you are happy with the repairs. If there is something you are not sure about, ask the tech about it. This is the best time to ask them to change something or adust something on the car before taking possession of the car again. 

For more information, speak with a professional who provides auto body collision repair services