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3 Things To Know Abut RV Collision Repair

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Getting into a collision with your RV is a very serious situation.  A small passenger vehicle may not cause that much damage to your RV, but a hit by a truck can really damage your RV. If your RV was recently damaged in a collision, here are a few things you need to know about RV collision repair:

#1 Work With Your Insurance Company

First, you are going to want to reach out to your insurance company after the accident. They are going to want to know what happened and if your RV is drivable. If your RV is not drivable, they will arrange for a tow to a nearby auto collision repair shop. 

From there, your insurance company is going to send out an adjuster. The adjuster will inspect your RV and determine what they think the extent of the damage is. This is very similar to what happens when you get into an accident with a vehicle. If they think the RV is totaled, they will offer you a check for the value of the RV. Otherwise, if they think that the RV is fixable, they will work with you to get the RV fixed and back on the road.

#2 Find A Collision Shop

Not all collision shops that work on passenger vehicles work on RVs. You are going to need to find a collision shop that specializes in RV repairs. Once the collision shop gets your vehicles, they are going to do their own detailed inspection. This will include a quote for repairing your RV, down to the labor hours and cost of parts. They will then submit this quote to your insurance company for review. Your insurance company will have to approve the quote. If the collision center finds the same damage as the adjuster, this can be a quick process. If the collision center finds additional damage that the adjuster didn't see, this process can take longer. 

#3 Wait For Repairs

Keep in mind that once the insurance approves all of the repairs that the collision shop recommends, it can still be a long process towards getting your RV back. Collision repair is a time-consuming process, that often involves a lot of wait time for paint and other substances to dry and wait time for the right parts to get to the collision center. Be prepared to be without your RV for an extended period of time while it gets fixed up. 

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