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Four Tips To Protect Your Car From The Summer Sun

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The summer sun can take quite a toll on the exterior paint job of your vehicle. The problem with this is that your vehicle loses its aesthetic appeal, which can also affect resale if you ever want to trade it in or sell it. Here are four tips to help you better protect your vehicle's exterior this summer:

  1. Wash Often: You want to make it a point to regularly wash your car since dirt and debris that gathers on the vehicle is damaging to the paint, especially during the summer. As the dirt and debris get hot against the car, it becomes embedded, which can lead to it scraping off the paint so it can set better on the surface. Since the summer time often yields summer road trips and beach trips, it's even more important to wash your car more often than you normally would during other times of the year. 
  2. Hand Dry: Once your car has been washed, you should take the time to hand wash your vehicle. Even if you go through an automatic car wash, you should pull over afterward to hand dry any wet spots left behind. Otherwise, in the hot weather, those wet spots are going to dry and become water spots that attract more dirt and is thus more harmful to the exterior paint. 
  3. Wax: It's worth it to give your vehicle a wax job. This ensures that dirt and other debris more easily slid off the surface of the car instead of sits on top of it. Not only does this help eliminate excessive car washing that would otherwise need to be done in the summer, but it protects the paint from both the dirt and the harsh rays of the sun. 
  4. Park in the Shade: Finally, you should be sure that you are parking in the shade. Parking in the garage is definitely the best option if you are able to do this. Doing this will not only prevent built-up dirt, but it will also ensure that your car is better protected from the harsh rays of the sun. Plus, it keeps your car at a more comfortable temperature when you are ready to get back on the road. 

With these helpful tips, you can keep your car in the best possible condition. However, if you do find that the paint has become chipped or faded, you should consider having it touched up by a local auto body repair shop. The can exactly match the exterior color so that it doesn't even appear that anything has happened. 

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