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3 Questions To Ask The Seller When Buying A Wrecked Car

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If you know a good auto body repair shop, buying a wrecked car and having it repaired professionally is an easy way to get yourself into a vehicle you may not otherwise be able to afford of you bought it new. You can simply take the purchased car in for some TLC and drive away in a car that looks like new. While this is a good way to get a newer vehicle for a lower price, you also have to be careful what you buy when you pick up a wrecked or damaged vehicle so you don't get in over your head. Here are a few important questions to ask when buying a wrecked vehicle. 

Does the car have a salvaged title?

When the insurance company deems a car's damage as more than its market value, they will determine that the vehicle should be salvaged or junked. This means that in order to keep the car, the seller will have to turn the regular title over to the courthouse and then later they will receive a salvaged title in the mail. While a salvaged car title is not all that big of a deal, it does mean that the purchasing process can get a little complicated. You will have to have the car rebuilt  and reviewed by the local DMV to ensure it qualifies to get a rebuilt title. 

Does the seller have a list of the damages?

When a car gets wrecked in an accident, the next steps for the owner is to find a body shop to give them an estimate of repairs, especially if the insurance company is involved. This estimate lays out a detailed list of everything that's wrong with the vehicle. Therefore, it can be incredibly useful to have if you are considering buying the car to have repaired on your own. 

How long has the wrecked car been sitting?

This may seem like an odd question to ask, but when a car is not used or driven for a long time, it is more likely that it will have engine problems, fuel system problems, or even issues with the tires. Because you don't want to plan on an auto body repair only and then find out the motor has to also be replaced, make sure you find out fro the seller how long it has been since the car was started up, driven, or in use. 

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