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Keep Your Company Vehicles On The Road Through Proper Driver Training And Regular Fleet Service

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You invest a lot of money in your company vehicles, so it makes good financial sense to take proper care of your cars, vans, or trucks. You not only want to prolong the lives of the vehicles and keep your employees safe, you want to prevent breakdowns that interfere with productivity. Here are some suggestions for keeping your fleet in good shape.

Have Regular Preventative Maintenance

Find a shop that specializes in fleet repair and maintenance so they'll understand how to work with commercial enterprises when it comes to maintaining your entire inventory of vehicles. A fleet repair shop also understands how to deal with commercial billing cycles and they know how important it is to keep your vehicles on the road. You'll want to have regular preventative maintenance as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer unless the shop owner suggests more frequent care due to the strain of city driving with multiple stops and starts throughout the day.

In addition to keeping the oil changed, belts checked, brakes inspected, fluid levels topped off, and tires maintained, the service should also keep an eye out for other problems that might potentially develop due to the way your employees drive the vehicles. Your employees may not respect company vehicles in the same way they do their own cars and this can lead to premature wear on the tires or brakes.

Keep A Fleet Repair Shop On Standby For Emergencies

One reason to take all your vehicles to the same repair shop is to establish a relationship with the owner so you get quality service if one of your vehicles breaks down on the road. You don't want an employee or truck to be out of service for too long, so you'll want a repair shop you can depend on to tow in the vehicle within a timely manner and make repairs. If possible, find a shop that works on all the vehicles you own such as trucks and cars so all your work can be handled by the same pros.

Train Employees To Care For The Vehicles

Employees should be taught how to handle the vehicles so they don't put too much wear and tear on them needlessly. For instance, they should slow to a stop rather than slam on brakes. They should also take care to avoid bumping curbs when parking and turning. If employees will be driving long distances, they should develop a habit of filling the gas tank before it gets too low so they won't have to make a service call just because they ran out of gas.

In some cases, you may want the employees to check tire pressure and fluid levels when they are on the road. It's also a good idea to put an emergency toolkit in the vehicles so employees have access to emergency signs and phone numbers to call for help. The toolkit can contain tire changing tools and jumper cables if employees are cleared to do minor repairs.

Keeping your fleet in good repair requires team effort between your drivers and a repair service. By getting timely repairs and maintaining the vehicles to prevent a breakdown, you can save money by avoiding the need for costly repairs and loss of revenue due to vehicles being out of service. Contact a service, like Florida Truck & Trailer CO, for more help.