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Repairing Common Paint Damages Your Vehicle Can Experience

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The paint on the exterior of your car can be among the most easily damaged components of the vehicle. Not surprisingly, this fact means that car owners will want to be prepared to handle the most common types of damage that their car's paint may experience.

Tree Sap Damage

Tree sap can be a substance that is surprisingly damaging to the paint of your car. The sap is able to drop from the trees that are near your vehicle, and this can lead to the sap collecting on the surface of the car's exterior. Over time, the sap will be able to cause significant damage to the paint coat, and it may even be able to completely eat through sections of the paint. As a result of this potential damage, you should always remove any sap as soon as possible so that these damages can be avoided. Otherwise, you will need to take your vehicle to a professional auto body repair shop in order to have the compromised sections of paint repaired.

Chips And Scratches

Chips and scratches can form on the exterior of your car's paint as a result of debris from the road, branches near the road, and other potential sources of scratches and scrapes. If you notice that your vehicle has developed this type of body damage, it should be repaired immediately, as paint problems are able to dramatically worsen in a short period of time. Luckily, patching chips and scratches in a car's paint can be a repair that is relatively affordable and quick to complete, as long as the issue is repaired relatively soon after forming. A professional auto body repair service will also be able to match the color of the paint patch with the rest of the body to ensure it is a discrete repair.


Rust developing on the exterior of the car can be another common source of damage to the paint. The corrosion can lead to the paint peeling off the vehicle, as well as the metal underneath it developing weak spots. While it is possible to repair minor corrosion, it will be necessary to remove all of the corrosion before the new metal sealant and coat of paint can be applied. This will require specialized tools to do the job without damaging the body panel of the car or causing unnecessary damage to the surrounding paint. While you will likely need to hire an auto body repair shop to perform this work, it can be a small cost for sparing yourself the need to invest in replacing entire body panels.